Stamping Is a Family Affair

Stamping is a fun family activity in our house. The two oldest love to draw, color and stamp. They get so excited when Mom breaks out the stamps. My brother's mother-in-law recently had a stroke and the kids wanted to make her get well cards. So here are their masterpieces.

Here is my 6 year olds card. I was pretty impressed. She did all of the punches herself although she did need a little help lining up the scallop. She did a great job!

Here is my 2 year olds card. He is just excited to do anything his big sister is doing. He pushed down the the stamps (once Mom positioned them on the paper) and colored away.

Stamping is such a great activity for kids! It helps with their hand-eye coordination, creativity and social skills. It is fun for mom too! I love sharing my hobby and business with my kids.

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