It's HERE!! Where's My Paper?

It arrived!!! Yeah! My brand new big shot has just shown up on my doorstep!! I am so excited, I just had to share! I have been shopping around for a die-cut machine for the past month or so. I wanted one to use with my scrapbooking (in the hope that it would help me get caught up a little faster, we will see how that goes :-) ). I have been doing research on which brand I wanted to buy. So you can imagine my excitement when SU! announced that we were going to begin selling the Big Shot. I love it when I get to buy "toys" and than get to write it off as a business expense. This baby will be well used I am sure! ;-)

Anyway...Here is a picture of my new toy and the box of goodies that came along with it!

I dragged out some cardstock I had on hand (not the best color choices) and started playing. I didn't get to do much before the baby woke up and the other two were demanding dinner (isn't that how it always works?). But here are a few things I managed to make before I was interrupted,

I will be playing with it this weekend and will try to post more pictures later!

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