Snowflakes in August

Crazy I know but I just got all my holiday stamps in and couldn't wait to try them out. So tonight I took a moment to get creative. I absolutely love these new In Colors! There isn't a single one that I don't like, well okay, so I wasn't into the River Rock at first, but the more I play with it, the more I love it. Tonight I decided to play with the blues--Blue Bayou and Soft Sky. They look so nice together. So I took out my brand new The Snowflake Spot set and broke it in tonight.

I used Blue Bayou and Soft Sky cardstock for this card. I used Blue Bayou (the Versamark pad would of given the same effect) and Whisper White ink and white embossing powder (I am all about embossing now that I have played with it a little more). I used Whisper White ribbon and vintage brads. Yes I used the crop-a-dile with this one too! I used it to punch a hole in the ribbon so I could get the brad in easier.

The second card was done with Soft Sky, Blue Bayou and Whisper White cardstock. I used Soft Sky and Blue Bayou ink. This is the same stamp set as the first card. It always fun to see how many cards and ideas you can get from one set. I like the simplicity of both cards.

Cutting Kit Answer

Hello ladies! Here is the answer to your question, direct from Stampin' Up! At this time we do not sell replacement parts for the Cutting Kit. Sorry!


My Fabulous, Supportive Husband!

I just have to gush over how incredible my husband is! I had a workshop tonight (I had so much fun, I hope you did too ladies). My husband not only made dinner tonight and watched the kids while I was out working (well, we all know it's more like playing but that's okay). But I came home, expecting to have to clean the kitchen, but all the dishes were done and the kitchen was clean. Just so you know, my husband despises doing the dishes with a passion. I am so grateful his support as I step out in faith and start my own business, it is great to know I have his love and support! Thanks honey!


Wet Your Pants Funny!

Okay, this has absolutely nothing to do with stamping but I would be remiss if I didn't pass it on. If you want a great laugh you have to check out this auction listing on Ebay. The auction is over but the story behind the auction is laugh outloud hillarious!


If you are up for more laughs, than check out this funny mom's blog!



Emboss Resist Technique Tutorial

It has been driving me crazy! When I did the emboss resist, my emboss turned the color of the pastels. I have learned, not to use pastels but a sponge and classic ink pads. I also forgot to buff the color off of the embossed image with a tissue. Oh, well, it is all a learning process. Maybe I will play around some more tonight once the kiddos are in bed. Anyway, here is an awesome Emboss Resist Tutorial online. It walks you through the steps (with fabulous pictures). I will put up new pictures as soon as I try again.



It feels like Christmas!

I love it when I see that big brown van coming up my street and I know I have a Stampin' Up! box coming. It is so exciting (even if the order is for someone else), it is almost as much fun as Christmas morning.

I couldn't wait to get my hands on my new crop-a-dile. If you have not played with one, you do not know what you are missing. I love the look of using eyelets on cards and scrapbook pages but hate having to pound them into place, it is such a pain. With the crop-a-dile, setting eyelets is a breeze. It is as easy as using a hole puncher. I placed eyelets on my dragon fly card for my upcoming card swap. (I used the pick-a-petal set once again). It took no time at all and the eyelets really finish the cards. The only downside of the crop-a-dile is that my hand is a little too small for it. It is a little hard for me to grip and after doing 30+ eyelets, my thumb was a bit sore trying to hold onto it. It is also a little heavy. But don't get me wrong--it made setting those eyelets an absolute dream. It probably would of taken me an hour to do it with a hammer and set. It only took 20 minutes with the crop-a-dile.

I received all of my color families stamp pads today, which is so exciting. I only had the bold brights before, which is great for summer but with the holidays coming up I really wanted some more colors to choose from. Now I can really start playing with colors and designs. I also ordered some new holiday stamps, from the Fall/Winter catalog and the new mini. They are so much fun and they definately put me into the Holiday mindset. One of the sets I ordered was the Wonderous Gift set which I have fallen in love with, it is so elegant. I have been wanting to try embossing and especially the emboss resist technique. So I had fun playing with my new tools with my always eager daughter and my mom (a fellow, avid stamper).

To emboss resist: 1. Use a versamark or white craft pad to stamp the image on (preferably white paper). 2. Put clear or white embossing powder over the image. 3. Shake excess off into the tray. 4. Heat image with a heat gun until the emboss is set. 5. Use pastels or ink to color or sponge over the embossed image, the white lines will some through and you will see the white embossed image through the other colors. I am sure there are other ways to do this but this is the only way I know of at the moment. If I have missed a step or you know of another way, please let me know!

The emboss resist didn't turn out quite like I had envisioned. But I liked our cards, the first of many cards of the season. Chloe, my daughter, even got into the spirit and embossed a card for the first time tonight, she had so much fun. I will keep working on the emboss resist technique and hopefully I will get it down. But even if it is not perfect, I am very happy with it and I had a blast with the "girls" tonight working on it.


New Promotion!

I am sooooo excited! I started selling Stampin' Up! in May of this year, that is only three months ago. This morning, while I was checking my reports with the company, I just learned that I have been promoted. In three months, I met the sales requirements for a new title in the company. I am now a Senior Associate! I am SO excited. God has blessed this business in ways I couldn't of imagined, not only helping me support my family while I am not teaching but in just having fun sharing what I love!

I also want to thank each one of you who have supported my business over the past three months! Without you I wouldn't be where I am. I hope that you are having a blast with me and learning to use your creative side. So have fun 'playing'!

To celebrate my new promotion, I am offering a $10 gift certificate for the first person who books a class and holds it before August 27th. How much fun is that? E-mail me and let me know if you are up to the challenge.


Stampin' Up! Sign Up Bonus!!

Choose Your Family Promotion

Between Grandma Louise (who drips with sweetness) and your oh-so-suave brother, Vic, you know that in life you can't choose your own family. But at Stampin' Up!, we've found a way to bend the rules so you can!

Purchase the Starter Kit between August 10 and September 30, and you'll get to pick the family of your choice-color family, that is-of Classic Stampin' Pads® FREE. That's a $57.95 value! And we've designed our exclusive coordinating color families (including our In Color collection) so that every color fits in. After all, it's all in the family!

This is such an incredible deal! If you have ever considered selling Stampin' Up! or just signing up so you can get the discount for your own personal use, now's the time to act!

Contact your demonstrator Michelle Webster @ mwebster1979@verizon.net


Pretty Pretty Purses!

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I am new to all 3-D paper projects, when I look at other peoples' beautiful creations, I will admit, I am completely intimidated. I think to myself, "Yeah, right and how in the world am I supposed to make that?" Well, today I did. I found a folding template online and played around with it this afternoon. The blue "adorable" purse was my first attempt at any type of 3-D project. The only thing Stampin' Up! was the hole punches and the warm words "adorable" stamp. The cardstock was cheap stuff I had on hand. Not too bad for my first attempt, if I do say so myself.
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The pink shopping treat bag was my second attemp. It is the same pattern I used earlier but instead of a purse I thought it would make a great treat sack. The embellishments kept coming from there! Only the stamp set and the black and white checked ribbon is Stampin' Up! The stamps are retired now (but still one of my favorites). I cannot wait until my new crop-a-dile comes in! It will make projects like this a snap! I hope you can enjoy and maybe get inspired! Let me know if any of you would like the template so you can try these projects yourselves.


Monkey Birthday Card

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This was one of my first attempts at a card (completely on my own) it was Aidan's Birthday invitation for his party. I was up way too late making it one night but I am pleased with the final result. The stamp set was "Monkey Business". I used a dark brown, textured cardstock (not SU) as the base card. The other cardstock used was Yo-Yo Yellow, Green Galore, and Whisper White. The ink was Yo-Yo Yellow and Basic Brown. I used a basic hemp cord for the vine. This is a tri-fold card, you open the center square to the left and on the insde center was the invitation.

Ladybug Card

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Sometimes we get so stuck in a box that we cannot create out of it. I saw this card and thought it was an incredible idea. The stamp set used was "Pick-a-Petal". This set is a variety of petals so you can make a unique flower. But here is a new way of looking at this set and making something new. We used the polka dot petal and the outline petal. The cardstock is Real Red, Basic Black, and Whisper White. The ink is Real Red and Basic Black. We used the smallest hole punch and a larger one for the body and the scallop look at the bottom of the inside of the card. The "Warm Words" set was used for the word "adorable".

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Stamper's Showcase

Hello all! I started this blog so I can showcase some of my best stamp artwork and even some of my worst (just so you can see it is not about perfection, it is about having fun . I also would love to showcase some of my customers' projects as well. So hopefully over time, this blog will become quite a gallery. Enjoy.