Mr. Brown is My Hero!!!!

Mr. Brown just stopped at my house in his big brown truck. I was so excited to see him I actually squealed and ran out to meet him. Sad I know, but seeing that big brown truck in front of my house is almost like Christmas. Even though I know what I ordered or even what a customer has ordered. It is so awesome to open the box and see our products up close and personal. What can I say when it comes to stamping I am just a big kid.

So...guess what's in this box ladies...Come on! Here's a hint, it is what we are all dying to get our hands on!!!!!


But before you come running over for a copy; you will have to wait until August 11th. It's agony I know!!! Don't forget I have my New Catalog Debut on August 17th where you will get to see the new catty and all kinds of new samples featuring products in the new book. E-mail me to RSVP!!!

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Barb Bockman said...

Hi Michelle,
I am excited to see the new catalog and the Big Shot, count me in. Barb