Wedding Invitation Overload!!

Hmmm....What have I been doing lately?

Making Wedding Invitations. And more Wedding Invitations. Creating Wedding Favors. Making Wedding Decorations. The list seems endless. And no, this is not for my wedding =). My parent's are renewing their wedding vows on their 30th Anniversary. Since my mom didn't get a real "wedding" this is her chance at all the fun, joy and work! I don't mind doing it (it has been quite fun) but I am starting to get tired of Brilliant Blue and Brushed Silver!! Here is a sneak peak at my wedding overload...

I will post what the invitations look like once they are actually in the mail in a couple of weeks. We are also decorating sparkling cider bottles, making matchbox candy holders (with the Big Shot of course), conversation starters, programs and...I think that is all. I will share pictures as we get closer to the event.

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