Neglecting You!

No, I have not dropped off the face of the earth, I have just been busy--homeschooling the oldest, teaching part-time, chasing the very active two-year old, and soothing a teething four-month old. I have been stamping a little bit although nothing super exciting (it is kind of hard to stamp with a grabby four-month old on your lap) but look for some new samples coming up by the end of the week! Mommy needs some stamping therapy!

I did learn a very important lesson recently...Stampin' Up!'s Craft & Rubber scissors are VERY SHARP! Well, mine are, especially since I was using my brand new pair. I mistook my finger for sticky strip :-) OUCH. Stitches weren't necessary but I came close.

So here is my tip of the week:

Be very careful using scissors--you never know when they might bite back! :-)

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