Apologies for the Lack of Pictures

As I posted my weekly tidbit I realized that I have not put any pictures up recently. I am so sorry! Yes I have been busy stamping among other things, and just forgot to post pictures of my latest creations. So here is my latest creation (and yes I will hold a class on how to make these). Purse Mini-Scrapbook Albums. Way too stinkin' cute and so easy to make! I can't take the credit for the original idea, that belongs to Jan Tink. But it was her creation that inspired me to make my own.

As soon as I saw Jan's design I was immediately reminded of being a kid and digging through Mom or Grandma's purse for gum or something to play with. So here is a fun way too share pictures in your purse without having to dig through all the other stuff. What fabulous gifts for someone to put on their desk or some where else special. I am going to make a bunch to send out to relatives once the baby is born. I will put lots of pictures of the kids in them.

Can you guess what they are made of? Any ideas... No?! Well than I guess you will have to come to my Purse Album class on Saturday, May 31st! It will be at my house at 9:00am (I will have coffee and goodies of course). The cost of the class is $20 and includes all the supplies for making the Purse Album and a matching card using the Dahlia Fold. You can bring pictures with you to put into your album or wait until you get home, it is up to you!! RSVP quickly to reserve your spot.

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