Pumpkin Punch Tutorial

It is time for another tutorial. This is a fun project to make. I saw this at a local Demonstrator meeting but I can't remember who showed it-so once I get that info I will give her credit.

1. Gather your supplies: Crystal Effects, Round Tab Punch, SNAIL, Bone Folder, Cardstock and Ribbon.

2. Punch 16 tabs out of the Pumpkin Pie Cardstock. 16 makes for a very full pumpkin but you can add or subtract punches to get the look you want.

3. Fold all of your tabs in half. Use a bone folder along the crease to get a crisp fold.

4. Liberally apply adhesive to both sides of the tabs and glue tabs together as shown.

5. Glue 8 tabs together, forming half of your pumpkin. Glue the other 8 tabs together but do not glue the two halves together yet.

6. Take one of the halves and apply Crystal Effects to the spine of the pumpkin. Lay your ribbon over the CE and form a loop, apply more CE to make the loop. Gently set aside being careful that the pumpkin will not close shut.

7. Take the second half and apply adhesive to the tabs that are close to the center. Than place Crystal Effects along the spine of the second half.

8. Carefully put both halves together being sure to match up the tabs.

9. Voila!! Now you have a beautiful 3-D pumpkin decoration!! Look for a few pictures of ideas on how to use this fun project.

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